Cut the middleman in Programmatic Advertising.

Have your own custom real time bidder.
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Like a Bamboo,

It rapidly grows. It's light, flexible and robust. A conductive pipe with no intermediaries.

We have the expertise. Our bidding technology has been proven successful by many advertisers. Get Bamboo by Taggify.


Easy & fast.

Get the power of a bidder within few minutes. The RTB experts will give you access to your desired supply.

You rule the business

Take Real-Time control

Don’t tie yourself to pre-set solutions. Apply your own algorithms and manage your targeting software.

Flexible: Whenever, Wherever

Elastic bidders ready to scale.

Go from 1 to N bidders, then reduce, and grow again.

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Go Global

Distribute your Endpoints world-wide

Select locations based on supply and latency.


Scale Up

Up to 12.000 QPS
per instance

Scale your business with our easy set up.

Timeless reaction to your growth.

Big Data

Added Value to your decision making

Real-time access to all metrics through an agile Dashboard and powerful APIs.

Time on Site, Retargeting, Viewability, Traffic score.

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