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Trustable platform

Proven in
Top Suppliers.


Reduce Time and Money. With Bamboo's Simplicity.

After Years of listening customer needs, we've developed the core technology they need to success in programmatic media buying through Real Time Bidding. We are ready to be a key partner.

Powerful Bidders

Native Proprietary serving technology for bidder services can give you up to 12K QPS per instance.

10.000 Avg. QPS

High Compatibility

After many integrations with Top Supply Partners, such as AppNexus, OpenX, Google and Yahoo, we've developed the capacity to support each supply platform standards.

OPENRTB 2.3 | ProtoBuf | NURL | In-App | Display

Bidding Algorithms

Expertise tells us what's the best bidding algorithm to make all your campaigns successful. We bring that power to Bamboo's Core.

Optimized eCPM Bidding logic

Counters Customization

Your demand needs different metrics, we provide you with the ability to measure each of them.

Impressions and Custom Conversions

Granular Targeting

Through our API the platform enables you to create customized segmentation options.

Geos, Ad Sizes, Verticals, Supply Sources, Domains, Devices, Carriers and More

Frequency Cap and Pacing

Get the flexibility your demand needs. How Much? How Fast?

Frequency Cap per IP per day, Pacing in a Day


Give your demand useful information and they will make better decisions.

Track and Log. Add it to your buying logic.

Restful APIs

You will have the full potential in data collection, analysis and customization trhough/via API.

Collect, Analyze, Act.

Quality Filters

Improve your traffic quality according to your branding needs. As an added value, Bamboo brings you all the collected data coming by Taggify's Traffic Quality Partners.

Transparency, Viewability, Above The Fold, Time on Site

Worldwide Coverage

Is your Supply source in North America, Asia, Latam or Europe? We cover it.

Open Endpoints closer to your Supply Sources.

Real Time Stats is equal to Real Time Decisions.

We've built the key products to see what's happening.

Inventory Availability

Get a snapshot of your supply inventory. Additionally, you can opt to get information about Traffic Quality, Time on Site and filter by many optional parameters.

Discover Supply Sources

Impression Stats

We provide you with the most advanced visualization tool to understand where the business is happening.

Winning Bids easy to see

Historical Stats

Get historical and real-time stats at the palm of your hand. Or deeply analyze what happened so far and what's going on with your computer.

Fully Responsive stats: Impressions, Demand, Revenue and more

The importance of UX to improve your business.

We've heard our partners, that's why we've developed an understandable and easy to use platform.

On Demand Platform

Customize your endpoints and access to your API at

Setup Endpoints

Technical Support

A Taggify RTB Expert is ready to help you.

Anti-Malware Scanning

We optionally provide you with the ability to scan each creative you upload.

Ad Quality: Optional

Traffic Quality

We scan each new domain coming from your supply inventory.

Traffic Quality: Optional

Thinking what's beyond make us a great partner of you.

Our goal is to become a great global tech company, and to help you grow your business.

Next in our Roadmap:

100% Full Management Responsive UI.

Optional integration to DMPs and other partners.

Optional retargeting engine.

Native & Vast.

Ad Serving.

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